Saturday, 3 May 2014

I Heart Beat by Edyth Bulbring (Young Adult, 5/10E)

February 2014, Hot Key Books, 288 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Themes: lies, living with a grandmother, matchmaking, strange food habits, alcoholic mother, trying to stay sane
Content: lots of weirdness, occasional humour

Summary from Hot Key Books
Beatrice has got a deadbeat mum, an addiction to online messaging and an aversion to the sun. If she could stay inside all summer she most absolutely would. Except she's being shipped off to stay with her 'Grummer' - a grandmother she barely knows - while her mum has another go at rehab. If Beatrice is going to have any chance of having some peace she will need to distract Grummer with a husband. Unfortunately there aren't many eligible bachelors hanging around this cranky old dorp.

Her plan is simple: identify the target, establish contact and ensure eternal love. But all does not go to plan for control-freak Beat. Suddenly she finds herself ditching the factor 50 for freckles from swimming in the reservoir; her cucumber and tea-only diet is overtaken by peanut butter sandwiches, and the very important 'rely on no-one' policy has to make room for Toffie; a boy with a bike, a shock of red hair and a love for the natural fauna of South Africa.

Beat always knew that love was found in unexpected places. She just never thought that it might find her. 

Nayuleska's thoughts 
I really didn't heart Beat at all. It sounded fun with Beat matchmaking her grandmother. I think it would have been fun if I could understand what Beat thought and said. It wasn't just the Africaan words (which I didn't realise were explained at the back of the book) that foiled me, it was the strange way Beat changed how she pronounced words and her deranged way of thinking. I think she was anorexic, but I'm not entirely sure as that part of the plot was hard to grasp. I didn't share her need to puke after eating peanut butter sandwiches to hide them from her grandmother-her grandmother doesn't have x-ray vision!

I did enjoy the grandmother/granddaughter differences especially when it came to dress shopping, and some of Beat's reflections were funny, when I understood them. I guess this just isn't my kind of book, and others will love it.

Suggested read
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