Friday, 25 April 2014

Nayu's News #122 It's been 5 weeks already!

Time flies
I'm surprised at how fast my next ketamine dose has come around, but then life's been a bit crazy with my grandad being really ill then dying, and sorting everything out. Had a few false starts in arranging my flowers, as the florist kept being unexpectedly closed. I nearly had to choose a different one, but at the last try I got through and they are all ready to pick up on Monday (I'm taking them down to the funeral with me on Tuesday). 
There were heaps of flowers to choose from, and the florist was helpful. I decided on an orange and white posy.
I've quickly gone through emails, got one more to write then I'm off to get legally drugged up! These days I just get hyper on the day after the ketamine, which I can deal with. I'm rather tired as I went out for lunch at work for a colleague's birthday, which involved a tasty mushroom in stilton sauce with bread. 
No random  fish head on our table!
As I'm tired I won't read tonight, I'll just watch drama & anime and do a bit of crochet to keep me occupied. 
Craft can be perfect for staying preoccupied when resting quietly
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be reading away, as it's a safe way of being hyper, rather than overdoing things by doing other activities. Muse hates these weekends with a passion. 
This will be Muse all weekend.
 I usually refuse to write while under the influence - she could come up with anything that seems sensible at the time but is in fact extremely random and   pointless! Will see how it pans out. Hope you have a fun weekend whatever you've got planned!

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