Monday, 14 April 2014

Nayu's News #120 Life

 Whatever your dreams are, go chase them. 

Chase them with all your heart like Naru in the anime Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live does

Whoever you care for, let them know.
Families can be small or large.
Friends count too!
My sick elderly relative died yesterday afternoon. It was an exhausting 9hr long day at the hospital. It's a relief that it's all over now. I'm resting up to recover from it all, which was exhausting mentally and physically. Reviews will probably be back here tomorrow Thursday (at the very least the latest competition winner announcement) as I do well with routine, for today I'm just sticking with the usual Monday meme (done by my lovely friend, GMR). Enjoy life, it's too precious not to. 
Rinne from the anime Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live both flies and spreads joy to others

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