Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nayu's News #118 Reading Status

Me taking it easy
I hadn't got a clue what the title would be for this post, and it's ended up being accurate. This is a quick heads up. I haven't been reading as much lately. I'm hopefully going to be reading more from tomorrow onwards. I've got an elderly relative who is quite ill, and who has been on my mind over the last 2 months, (especially in the last few weeks). My family and I only got the diagnosis yesterday. It's not cancer, but it's several serious things which could go belly up at any point (& equally could be fine for a good while).
Ho hum

I haven't always felt like reading - I've needed activities which I could guarantee to be cheerful, and unless obviously funny most books are unpredictable. Anime like Aikatsu has been a favourite. 
Yay! Ichigo and Mizuki perform together

Learning the diagnosis has been a huge relief, and I'm feeling more upbeat and up for reading unpredictable new reads.
Give me books!
  I'm in the process of letting relevant publicists know that there will probably be a delay on me getting the reviews out - most I haven't yet read, and some just need scheduling up. I'm still accepting books for review because it shouldn't take too long to catch up. However,  I've got to keep a balance of anime (which is relaxing) & reading (which is relaxing but my body finds it a bit tiring). 
Life is a balancing act

If you can bear with me on the delay in both reading & putting up the reviews I'd really appreciate it. Books are a brilliant escape from life's craziness! 

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