Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nayu's News #108 Blog update in progress

Sigh. Why can't you do what I ask?
I want to change my fixed 'pages' at the top of my blog so it's easier to access the different age ranges for children's books, since that is more my focus than Young Adult (despite currently having more Young Adult reviews than any others). I thought that simplly putting in the label eg '5 years +' would conjure up all those tagged posts. 

You've got to be kidding me!
That would be a no.

Thankfully I happened to be liaising with Jim from YAYeahYeah, who suggested the '+' might be confusing Blogger. So I added a new genre of '5 years', changed as many '5 years +' to said genre, and voila, I can see all posts in that tag perfectly! 
I didn't exactly think through the next step because for some more of the '5 years +' tag (there's a 50 post limit on making changes to lots of posts) I deleted the '5 years +' before adding the '5 years' I've 'lost' the previous 5 years tag into the ether. 
This is not happening!
Now, this could be cause for another meltdown. 
Stupid, stupid, stupid blog! Maybe I should delete it...
However, it's going to make me do something I've been doing in bits. I want uniformity across all my posts. Some use outdated rating systems - these also don't have rating & tag info in the title. Whenever I find a book I'm using as a suggested read, I amend the review accordingly. Now I just need to start at the back of my blog and keep working forward. I'm not doing it all in one go. As tempting that would be, I have a tendency to keep doing something until it's done, rather than until I need a rest. That isn't the wisest choice of action so I'll limit it to 10-15 mins at a time. 
Wish I had this to keep track of time
Please bear with me while I make the changes. There could be more 'oops' moments. 
Maybe I should stick with a craft blog...
Hopefully not too many, but you never know with technology. By the end my blog will look ace, and it won't matter how old a post is, you'll understand the rating system perfectly. Here's to the end of this blog project! 
Thanks for your patience! It'll be worth the wait. ^o^

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