Monday, 31 March 2014

Mummy's Little Sunflowers by Angela McAllister and Alison Edgson (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E)

February 2014, Little Tiger Press, 32 pages, Hardback, Review copy

Themes: younger siblings spoiling plans,going on an adventure, making new friends, being creative
Content: an insane amount of cuteness

Summary from Little Tiger Press
Scurry loves sunflowers. He’s got one special seed that he’s going to grow just for his mummy. But his little brother, Scamp, loves sunflowers seeds, and when he eats his brother’s special seed, he’s in real trouble. Two small mice. One sunflower seed. And a very big adventure.

Nayuleska's thoughts
This book is awesome! It's so cute I cried at the end because what Scurry and Scamp do is touching. Scurry clearly loves Scamp even if he did ruin Scurry's first attempt at growing a sunflower. Scamp's mispronunciation of 'funflower' kept me giggling through the story which is funny.

The best part for me are the illustrations. They are adorable! I love the inside cover pages which have vibrant yellow petals scattered on them (I love the colour yellow). It's cute how on the title page Scurry and Scamp are marking their height on a wall using a picture of a sunflower. The nameless little girl mouse at the nursery in the pink dress and blue jacket is mega sweet! Scurry's disappointment when he finds his seed gone with a trail of crumbs is plain to see, and I loved the red striped mouse toy. Scamp looks extremely repentant, I wanted to give him a huge hug. Scamp's look of bewilderment as he lands in a puddle was funny, and the part where Scurry helps pat down Scamp was a positive show of brotherly love, w

More cute moments included when the brothers found a sunflower and sat on it eating seed, and when they said goodbye to their new friend I cried because it was supremely cute, just like when they had mud all over themselves after planting some sunflower seeds, which had a sign saying 'for Mummy'. It was hard seeing Scamp so upset when he got impatient about the sunflowers growing because he is so forlorn (and cute). Fortunately he gets a huge hug from their mother, so I didn't worry tooo much about him. 

For more cute pictures check out Alison's website.

Suggested read
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Mary Preston said...

The covers just steal my heart.

Nayuleska said...

The author has a puppet of Arthur! & a book 2 is coming next year ^o^