Sunday, 23 March 2014

Chocolate competition winner announcement!

Yay! It's exciting to give books away as prizes, and it's even more exciting (by a very narrow margin) to give away chocolate! My first chocolate competition of the year has ended. There weren't quite enough entries, so it just means the two winners get a little extra in their package (above pic shows the minimum they'll get) 

The winners of the mostly Cadbury's chocolate stash are.....

Mary Preston! 


Many congratulations to you both, you'll receive emails regarding sending on the prizes to you. Fear not, there's still one live competition to win an ebook (only for those not living in the UK). 
 There be a mega giveaway (as in more than 1 book as the prize) from a generous author this week, hopefully launching on Wednesday, as well as more books to win from my bookshelf. 2014 is full of winners!

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