Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Secret Dinosaur 2: Dinosaur Chase by N. S. Blackman (Children's, 7 years +, 10E/10E)

 January 2014, Dinosaur Books Ltd, 100 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Themes: adventure, being pursued by the enemy, quick thinking, bravery, railway knowledge

Summary from  Amazon (I don't gain anything by mentioning them)
**A fast-paced adventure full of action, excitement and great characters - with vibrant illustrations optimised for kindles/tablets**

Brave schoolboy Marlin Maxton has discovered an amazing secret. On a school trip to his local museum he found a forgotten room - full of dusty, life-sized dinosaur models. To his astonishment and delight his interest sparked these metallic model dinosaurs - called Dinoteks - into life!

But now Marlin and his new dinosaur friends are in terrible danger. Their enemies are hunting the Dinoteks, determined to trap and destroy them. Marlin and the dinosaurs must escape from the museum.

But how? And where to?

In this story, Marlin must find the courage to take his place in a scary battle and the resourcefulness to free his friends and lead them to safety.  And he still has a mystery to solve - how to wake his favourite Dinotek - the old centrosaurus, Protos.

This is the second book in the Dinotek series - chapter books for kids, where the dinosaurs are not only back - they're better than ever!   As awesome as the prehistoric creatures and able to talk, feel and face their enemies as a team.  Best of all they befriend Marlin and together boy and dinosaurs
enjoy thrilling adventures.

This is a fun read for pleasure.  An action packed, book for boys, girls and adventure fans of any age.  These stories combine science fiction, mystery, adventure and of course, dinosaurs. Book 2 includes a recap of all the excitement from Book 1 - so readers can plunge straight in to this adventure!

Nayuleska's thoughts
Book 2 is as nail-bitingly good as book 1! I was terrified for the dinosaurs, unable to see how such large
creatures could escape the formidable force assembled by Grubbler outside the museum but they found a way! Well, them and Marlin. Once again I loved how Marlin's uncle is supportive of his nephew, how he
thinks ahead to prepare Marlin for whatever lies ahead. Gus doesn't join Marlin and the dinoteks, instead
he helps out in another way which I suspect will be essential to keeping the dinoteks safe in later books.
Sadly I think Grubbler will produce more sinister ways to take revenge on Marlin's friends, but I'm certain they will continue to evade him...hopefully!

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