Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sticker Dressing First World War (Children's, Sticker book, 8/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

October 2012, Usborne, 34 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Summary from Usborne
Young historians will be fascinated by this detailed sticker book, following the men who took part in the First World War, from field marshals and recruitment officers, to ambulance drivers and soldiers.

With over 170 stickers of historically accurate uniforms to help get the men ready for action.

Scenes include ‘Preparing for war’, ‘In the trenches’ and ‘In a field hospital’

Includes extras such as weapons and animals to complete the scenes.

Nayuleska's thoughts

 I find wars confusing, as there are so many details to take in. Perhaps that's why I don't recall that much
about the First World War, which happened 100 years ago this year. As a fangirl of Usborne's sticker
books I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn a bit of history.

I still think war is complex and not needed, but I did learn the diversity of people involved in the war.
There were loads! All the uniforms are different, despite mostly being muted colours. I loved the deep
blue and style of the French soldiers. The Scottish kilt wearing soldier made me smile. I hadn't realised
that pigeons were used for messages - I'd have liked to have been in charge of them. I'm no good on a
boat but I liked the navy uniform. I had no idea Arabic countries were involved in this war. There is
nothing wrong with this sticker book, it just isn't as appealing for me as the others, hence the lower grade.

Suggested read
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