Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nayu's News #106

I think this is a spot on portrayal of my Muse when she is figuring out plot twists and ignores the world around her, including me. She will only work when she wants to, and that hasn't been today.

I'm still in the phase of getting little sleep, which may explain why today I chilled out with anime and tv drama. I needed not to think, just to be, which is why figuring out some of what I want to watch on the new Amazon Instant streaming video site kept me occupied for over an hour. I discovered the earlier series of Waterloo Road which I haven't seen, Prison Break which I've only seen a few episodes, Sabrina the Teenage Witch animation, plus various movies. Those are the shows that stuck in my mind, I'm sure more will unravel in time. I've seen many I watched in the past like Star Gate and police dramas, but I'm unable to watch such apocalytic-y shows without my Inner Panicker having a field day when I sleep. Where possible I prefer to avoid nightmares, so I won't be watching them.

There is a sort of big issue with Amazon Instant (or whatever its called. I thought it was Instant so I'm sticking with it). There are few devices you can watch it on, mostly due to HD capabilities (I think). There is the poison piece of i-fruit which works fine for others, but which I dislike intensely for not being easy to use and for being a right pain when it comes to music software updates. I quit using said i-fruit technology a few years ago. There are a few HD home systems, as well as most of the major game consoles which can play Amazon Instant, plus there is the Kindle Fire. Amazon do have a list of compatibke devices, so check there before you get too eager with picking what to watch. Since few shows I choose to watch are on TV online streaming is becoming a firm favourite media outlet for me. It is most definitely the future of watching shows, and I for one am eager to see what delights will appear over the next few years.

Right, time to head off and stuck into a good read for an hour or so before I dare sleep. At the moment it seems a good idea to stay up a bit later and be able to sleep my 5 hours so I wake a vaguely more sensible time than 3am instead of going to bed now and waking at 3am as I have been. Tomorrow I may think differently, but for now I'm trying anything. I'm doing my best to relax about it. I've been blessed with better sleep in some ways since sorting out my pain management, but having blips is part of tbe package. I feel for anyone who can't sleep solidly for long, or who struggle to get to sleep. I assure you that somehow you will find a distraction that gives you rest when your body can't catch zzs. I find reading relaxing, especially when they are rereads. Night!

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