Monday, 17 February 2014

Nayu's News #104 Happy half holiday!

Hi all! I'm as excited as Ichigo from the anime Aikatsu was when she got to do a concert with her favourite idol while being a student at an idol academy. If Blogger was brilliant it would have a picture of Ichigo at the top of its post. Because it won't seem to let me upload pics into a post, I will see if putting up draft posts with a picture at the top so that I can pick whichever one suits my mood then write my post. A Nayu's News post without a single picture feels so wrong!

 Today I've had my first half day holiday. Any I've had before have been for hospital appointments, so having a half day just for chilling is unbelievably awesome!

I have dutifully got in the holiday spirit by eating cherry pudding with a glass of vanilla milk. I have caught up with watching Top Gear, which was full of laughs and a few poignant (I possibly can't spell that) moments which had me seeking happy go lucky anime Aikatsu, a music idol anime which is family friendly, full of friendship, sparkly clothes and hard work as each girl strives to be a great idol. I am constantly watching it because there is no major enemy to fight, there are mild perils but nothing major. However, in a bid to rest more I'm being good and switching to English and French anime, rather than Japanese which I both listen to while reading the subs which is work, I guess. It's so fun but that takes energy so I'm making after dinner watching easier on my tired brain.

I hope to finish the 6th Drina book tonight, watch some of the comedy Outnumbered (BBC show) which I've recently got into, and some very sweet My Little Pony, as the 3rd season is crossing the big pond between me and the US. Oh and some Winx, which is great inspiration for the fairy novel me and Muse are working on. No writing today but I've figured out a magical version of mobile phones.

Random news, I can now do a lot of blog work on my tablet. This makes it heaps easier to keep my currently reading book updated without having to drag out my laptop which is more than a tad slow in starting up. Yay!

Wrapping up, I urge you not to dismiss the value of a not quite a whole day off from work/chores/life - it is perfect for recharging yourself!

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