Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nayu's News #107 Mmm, chocolate!

Currently in a hot chocolate daze, which is good as this is the 2nd time I've written this post. The first I accidentally deleted as I couldn't find an undo button. This is the 1st time I've used the Blogger app, and I couldn't find the undo buttonn. D'oh. Wait a moment, will it still have what I wrote on the copyboard place? I may not have to rewrite this post! *goes off to check* 

*Sighs* Sadly it hadn't been saved. Oh well! Discovering the Blogger app makes it even easier to create posts as I can do it all on my tablet, instead of needing my laptop. Not only that, but I don't have the palavar (unsure if this is a real word, it might be a figure of speech.) of putting up drafts with a pic in on my laptop so I can later pick one and write the content on my tablet. And I can put in more than 1 pic! I have a suspicion that I'm writing in the text box of the pic - I want the pic at the top of the post. Will see if that's the case when I publish it. Bear with me on the next few posts as I get to grips with the app. I use few apps, so I'm not as swift on them as others may be. Ooo, just realised instead of writing review details in my tablet's word processor then copying and pasting to Blogger, I can just write it directly as a blog post! That will be handy ^o^ 

EDITED AFTER PUBLISHING TO ADD I haven't written in the text box! I've yet to work out if I can adjust the size of the pics (Flora and Holo below are a bit too wide to fit the post), but it's still early days. 

The other topic I wrote in the first version is about anime. Today I watched Crunchyroll for the first time with ads. Up til now I've been a paid member. I thought ads would be ok. Er, they aren't. I'm the girl who waits until I can watch an entire ep in one go rather than watch 8 minutes then have to stop so I can do the dishes, before heading back to the rest of the episode. That reall bugs me! I prefer to get lost in the anime. That isn't possible with at least 3 ads! I didn't finish the episode of AKB0048 rewatch because I was ad crazed, so I watched it elsewhere with no ads. Sites I use include Pinoy, Anime Season, Youtube and Daily Motion. Sometimes the anime are in parts but I've got used to that as I can watch the next part in under 30 seconds (it depends how fast my fingers move to find the next ep!) I could reactivate my membership, but I'd prefer not to as I've joined Amazon Instant (so exciting!) I may be forced to if an anime I've already watched on Crunchyroll is only available on Crunchyroll (yes I'm still not watching any new series, only those I've seen one ep or more of, in an effort to get to know the anime better) Next up I'm watching an ep of Winx!

Here is Flora doing her Bloomix transformation -I like her floaty sleeves, the colour of her outfit as well as her hair which always looks cute in plaits/braids. See, I AM watching other anime than Aikatsu. I just happen to be at the obsessed stage of Aikatsu where I like watching it endleslly. It is a mega happy go lucky anime. I find these days, more than even a few months ago, I can't watch more than 1 ep or so of intense anime. Sadly this now includes AKB0048 which I used to watch loads in a single day. Now it's 1 ep a day, which is better than none. Depending on how low my threshold is for doom & gloom + conflict sometimes I can only watch an ep of Winx! Regular blog readers will know how bad that is as Winx is my favourite anime, with Aikatsu almost overtaking it. I can watch Aikatsu in any type of mood as every episode is guaranteed to make me smile. 

Well, it's time for me to go and relax after a busy day. I hope you all get some quality zzzs tonight, like Holo below, from one of my many top animes, Spice and Wolf. 

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