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Evanescent by Andria Buchanan (Young Adult, 10E/10E)

October 2013, Entangled Publishing, 304 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Themes: life as a queen of another realm, frayed friendships, feeling overwhelmed, being at war, fleeing from the enemy, lives lost, search for treasure, magic making the impossible possible, mermaid, dryads, dragons, library with almost useless search system, making hard decisions

Content: Lots of major peril, some grim scenes, humour, tissues are needed

Summary from Entangled Publishing
Allie’s destroyed her way out of the deadly realm of Nerissette, unless she can find two elusive artifacts that have the power to make her a goddess. But she’s got even bigger problems: she also has to find a way to unite Nerissette behind her as their new queen, and capture the Fate Maker before he can find another army of invaders willing to help him return to power. In the meantime, Allie is having to deal with her growing feelings for the guy who she’s certain is the love of her life. She and her shape shifting champion must both learn about the subtle, shifting layers of bravery and what it means to open your heart to another, regardless of how frightened it may be.

Nayuleska's thoughts 
In truth the scale of devastation to Allie's kingdom nearly had me quit reading part way, as I really need lighter books at the moment. However, I care greatly for Allie and her friends, I want to know how this trilogy ends. I cried when several major catastrophes happened - its heartbreaking what Allie has to witness and experience. I hate the Fate Maker!

Yet its because of Allie's strong friendships that she finds ways to cope with everything. I love her older sister type relationship with the mermaid queen; Allie's best friend Mercedes can do some awesome nature magic as a dryad, and I like Kitsuna who plays a bigger role in book 3 which I'm part way through. Additionally it is the humour which kept me reading-there are many hilarious lines by Allie and her friends which counteracts the rather dark action.This fantasy has a perfect balance of danger and wit, and will be staying on my bookshelf for rereading at some point.

You can find out more on Andria's website.

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