Friday, 27 December 2013

Nayu's News #101 Expect the Unexpected

Anything can happen, anytime, anywhere.

Please note all pics are taken from online searches, and all quotes are by me. 
It's the holidays, and I'm no longer ill - yay! So today I'd planned to catch up with tweeting/emailing my book reviews, which I did. 
"How should I phrase this?"
I'd planned to schedule no more than 3 blogposts, which I did. 
"1 scheduled, 2 to go..."
I'd hoped to write..
"Come on, Muse, let's play!"
...therein the unexpected happened. 
"I don't want to!"
Muse decided that since I took so long to figure out who I shall use as my new Twitter avatar that she refused to share her ideas. In other words, she's on strike.
"No means no!"
I can't force her to work - it's not worth the trouble, so for now it's a quieter than planned day for me ^o^ Going to do some crochet and cross stitch later, but for now will watch some anime. You never know, Muse might relent and be inspired to work...a girl can dream!

Time for operation inspire Muse!

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