Friday, 29 November 2013

Nayu's News #98 Pomegranate Power!

Fresh pomegranate
As always, pictures are from the internet, quotes/sayings are by me.
I had a family birthday (not mine) at the weekend, and my family had sprinkled pomegranate on the top and in the middle of the sponge cake. 
It looked sort of like this, before all the paper pineapples & parasols were added by younger members of the family to cover the entire cake!
This was a big coincidence as I'd ordered pomegranate in my organic delivery order which arrived before the weekend. 
I only used it after the weekend, as I didn't have time to prepare it before then.  
Thursday through to Saturday evening was busy at work & at home wrapping presents/spending time with family etc there wasn't a lot of time to do this.
So what did I do with my pomegranate? 
"Want to know what I'm making?"
 I took out the seeds, which takes an age. There's probably a knack to doing it, I just cut it in half and scooped/bashed the seeds out with a spoon & my fingers. And then...
"Hurry up & tell us already!"
 ....I popped them in my smoothies! Half per smoothie (& they kept til the next day when I whizzed the second smoothie for work). 
Mine looked green thanks to the spinach
The pomegranate added a refreshing taste to the spinach, radish and orange combo - hope to have them again sometime! I hope you like pomegranate - give it a go, it's not that difficult to get the seeds out. You can probably find them in pre-made salads, which are delicious!
"Go on, try pomegranate in your food - it's delicious!"

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