Monday, 7 October 2013

Just Peachy by Jean Ure (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

April 2013, Harper Collins Children's Books, 240 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Themes: large family, outgoing siblings, theatrical family, being different, breaking the mould, speaking out for yourself, going against family's wishes, following your heart, being brave, trying new things, making a best friend, making mistakes, having fun, annoying siblings, secrets,

Content: lots of emotional uncertainty, some laughs and yay moments

Summary from Harper Collins
 A coming of age story about self-discovery and independence from the Queen of Tween, Jean Ure.

‘I’ve always been the quiet one in my dramatic family. Not a drama queen, or a genius composer, or a twin, but Just Peachy. Mum says I’ve got my own thing going on… I just wish I knew what that was!

When I decide I want to attend Sacred Heart school rather than Summerville where my family have always gone everyone finally stops to listen! Stepping out on my own is scary, but I need space to find out who I am and what I’m good at.’

A new novel from Jean Ure, about a girl trying to find who she really is – and maybe a friend along the way…

Nayuleska's thoughts 
Peaches family are unbelievable. They really don't take much notice of her, and definitely don't really think about her feelings. I felt so sorry for her when she stood up for herself and wasn't entirely supported by her family. Her new friend and one other family member stick up for her, encourage her and help Peaches to see what she's doing isn't wrong, it's just her family being ignorant and having a one track mind. Maybe I'm being harsh on them, but they didn't understand Peaches at all.

Peaches has her fair share of misunderstanding as she starts a firm friendship with Millie, but overall their friendship gets stronger with each hurdle they face. I truly hope there is a sequel, as I'd love to watch Peaches gain more confidence in herself.

You can find out more on Jean's website.

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