Friday, 6 September 2013

Nayu's News #92 Why I've been dark over the past week

New pic to start the post! No idea where she's from - as ever, all pics taken from internet searchs, not drawn by me.
Hi all! Hope you are getting geared up for the weekend - I am, and at the time of writing this post it's only Monday! 
Happy Holo from the anime & light novel Spice and Wolf
Sorry for dropping out for over a week. I had my ketamine last Friday, so Thursday was spent making sure I had all I needed for a weekend of feeling rather rough. 
I look forward to after the ketamine, but never the during.

Only that didn't happen! 
Yes, I still had my ketamine, but for some reason the effects weren't overpowering. By Friday afternoon, instead of Sunday morning, I was able to stay downstairs with my family instead of being in my room.  
Hardly any of this....
Sort of lots of this - except I only have 1 cat...for now!
I read a lot on Friday, as I couldn't face sedate anime, let alone lively anime. 
"Pass me another book..."
Saturday I had heaps of fun working on a jigsaw puzzle in the morning 
Still working on this one...
Since I'd banned writing AND reading all day Saturday, I spent the afternoon watching lots of fun anime like.... (You know I can't resist the chance for pictures of anime!) 
Naturally I watched some AKB0048 with Kanata & Mimori in! I'm even going to watch an ep as soon as I've finished writing this post...

I rewatched a few eps of the anime Hanasaku Iroha - Ohana, centre front, is voiced by the girl who plays Amu in Shugo Chara
Sunday & Monday I gradually worked back into a normal routine, writing & reading on  Sunday, and I added blogging to that list on Monday. 
I've been working hard....

I usually write a Nayu's News on a Wednesday or Tuesday, but given it's my first day back at work I'm expecting to be a bit tired, hence why this post is today, Friday. 
Are you confused yet with all the different days? No? I must try harder!

Writing is going really well. Slowly, ever so slowly I'm edging my way to the end of this edit. It's tricky at the moment because I'm at the final showdown, which obviously needs to be exciting, and I'm rewriting some of it taking into account the changes I've been making throughout the wip. Sometimes I write a paragraph at least 3 times until it says exactly what I want it to say. Some I'm leaving until the next round of edits, as it'll be easier once I've had some distance from a particularly frustrating part. I'm making progress! 
Muse has to her photo taken - this is her idea of looking cute
Muse had the BEST IDEA EVER! regarding a vital part of my wip. I'd been toying with several ideas for a week or two, but it turns out the answer (for now) was staring me right in the face. Muse could have told me a lot sooner since I'd unknowingly hinted at it all the way through the book. Still, the idea is there now for me to fine tune. 
"Yay!" When Muse and I get on well, we get on extremely well.

Time to put the pictures in the post & head off for an afternoon of reading & anime! Whoohoo! Today (Friday, not Monday) is my usual dark day, so I won't be online to tweet this post until Saturday. Hope you enjoyed it - have a fab weekend!
"May it be a creative weekend for everyone!"

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