Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nayu's News #91 Sneaking in a few words

To keep her happy, I'm beginning with a picture of Muse, who let's face it is not as sweet as she looks!
 Hi everyone! (all pictures are taken from online) Feels like it's been ages since I've posted a full post. I'm sneaking one in now before I forget, and while I should actually be going off to rest as I managed to overdo things a tad yesterday. Ho hum. 
Normally it wouldn't be as big an issue but I guess I'm still recovering from being ill, so my body has gone on strike. I'm going to have a very quiet day tomorrow. I'm even skipping craft club so I get extra rest. Can do some knitting with my cat! 
Ah, if only this was my room...

What have I been up to....I've been doing lots of reading! 
Milkshakes go well with books at this time of year.
 I'm really getting into books for younger readers - there's still a lot of drama, but it's less gloomy than a lot of Young Adult I've read in the past. I've got a few Young Adult reads coming up, but apart from those I'm remaining in the lower age-groups (under 11 years old). 

As well as reading I've been playing video games! Currently on Final Fantasy 13-2. 
I'm so glad Serah, who was a less playable character in FF13 is the protagonist
I found FF13 too hard, but I am slowly giving it another try. 13-2 is much easier (so far), and super exciting with a Moogle as a weapon!!! 
This cute fellow becomes.....

Seeing as I'm after happier games (which FF13-2 isn't...) , I'm currently back on the Atelier series. I'm on one of the trilogies, Atelier Rorona. 
Game cover
It's mega cute, with a funny storyline (funny amusing rather than funny weird), great costumes & characters. I can have the voices in Japanese which suits me fine. 
I adore the hair and costumes!
The best thing of all really is that I've played previous games in the series - the style of fights and synthesis barely changes, which these days is a huge plus because my concentration levels are lower than they used to be thanks to my fatigue.So I get to play something new yet familiar. 

Anime wise I am rewatching loads at the moment, as again I don't have to concentrate so much as I already know the story. Almost every day I'm watching Winx, and I still hold that for now Stella & Flora are my favourite characters. 
Stella & Flora fanart

AKB0048 is another on my daily anime list - *happy sigh*. It's just so awesome, with the girls fighting for what they believe in and striving hard in all the do. Favourite character at the moment (besides all of them) is Mimori...
Mimori with her Kirara (little spirit thing)
...and surprisingly Chieri. I say surprisingly because for the first few times I watched the series I preferred Nagisa. I still love Nagisa & the other girls, but Chieri's fighting spirit, and the way she learns to like the other girls and make friends with them (instead of being standoffish) is a joy to see. 
Such a misunderstood girl...

Writing wise I'm  nearly at the end of this edit! I'm hoping to get some editing in tomorrow - not counting on it, but hopefully I'll be ok. I seriously do not know what was going through Muse's mind when she wrote the draft - some of it makes no sense whatsover! Still, it's a lot of fun fixing the plot holes. 
Happy me

Ok, time for me wind this up and head off before a friend from across the big pond (sea) glares at me for not resting. In my defence the pictures I get to put in this post are pretty! Hope you all have a great day, and I might have another Nayu's News at the weekend!

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