Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nayu's News #87 Ramadan 2013 Post 4

As ever all pictures in my posts are taken from the internet, not drawn by myself.
1 week of Ramadan left! The month has truly flown past. You can see where it all started and what's it about in Ramadan 2013 Post 1, in Ramadan 2013 Post 2 I chat about what goals I've set for this Ramadan, as well as a Nayu summary of some of the prophets (may God bless them all) who you've probably heard of, while Ramadan 2013 Post 3 I chat about why these final 10 days are so important, as well as why everyone should tie their camel and be like a bird (I'm deadly serious - everyone has a metaphorical camel!) 
Read the linked post - you know you want to know why I'm talking about camels!

 I guess in this 2nd to last Ramadan 2013 post I'm going to chat about good deeds. In Islam, a bad deed is worth 1 negative point (this is using my language, hopefully it's understandable). A good deed always outweighs a bad deed, because it is worth at least 10 positive points! Only God knows how many points we are awarded for each deed we do. In Ramadan, those points multiply by crazy numbers, while bad deeds will remain at 1 negative point. 
"Wow, that's good to know!"

Now more than ever it's easy to get in lots of good deeds. Whether or not you're religious, good deeds are easy to do. It's all about helping others out. 
Good deeds include being kind to animals

The simplest good deeds which cost absolutely nothing but which really could make someone's day by a total stranger caring about them are good manners. These range from...

....smiling at someone
A smile can brighten a day

...greeting someone
"Hi! Lots of dodging the showers today, isn't there?"

...holding a door open for someone
Who will you open a door for?

...helping someone with their shopping 
These girls aren't carrying bags yet - maybe they haven't started shopping....

...listening to someone & being a friend 

There are many, many more examples but I've suggested a few easy deeds which most people can do at least 1 per day. It can be a bit weird saying hi to a total stranger, especially if they look preoccupied and not particularly receptive, but it is totally worth it. I gained a friend by saying hello to a total stranger in a library. 
Friends can be found anywhere

So what good deed are you going to do today? Regardless of whether you're religious, good manners are much appreciated and super easy to do. Give them a try! You'll feel good for it, I promise! 
You get blessed for it, and you can make other people happy - win-win!

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