Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Moshi Monsters Poppet Dress-Up Sticker activity book (Children's, 7 years +, 9/10, short 'n' sweet review)

 July 2013, Puffin, 16 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Summary from Puffin

Dress up Monstro City's most fabulous fashionista in this Poppet Sticker Activity Book! Everyone's favourite Moshi Monster loves to dress up. Help Poppet put together awesome outfits and design gorgeous accessories!
Nayuleska's thoughts 
I know next to nothing about Moshi Monsters, but as soon as I saw this book I knew I'd like it - come on, Poppett is pink, cute, and fluffy! And she has bunny slippers! You can't get much cooler than that (no, I don't own a pair). 

I know I was tired when I read this, which is why I think I was a tad grumpy in my summary of it in the latest What Are You Reading Meme? #181 when I said the following:

There were one too many outfits which is fine as you can always put one over the other but, if you like everything to have a place then the extra outfits can be frustrating...Yes I realise this is me being weird.

I am weird ^o^ I don't care though! Looking back on it, it's fun that the reader has a choice in outfits, that they don't have to use the ones provided. The stickers aren't given page numbers, so you can mix and match to your heart's content - or, in my case, get grumpy because I'm not being directed where to put every single sticker. What? I like directions!

Check out the moshi monsters website!

Suggested read 
Another fab sticker book involving a character who is pink, cute, and sort of fluffy is Hello Kitty Princess Wishes Sticker Activity book (Children's, 5 years +, sticker book, 9/10)

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