Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sticker Dolly Dressing Holiday and Travel (Children's, 5 years +, Sticker book, 9/10)

May 2013, Usborne, 24 pages plus sticker pages, Paperback, Review copy
Themes: travelling by plane, being with friends, beach fun, snowy mountains, skiing, safari, photo opportunities, snorkeling, tropical fish, pyramids, clothes for different climates and environments, New York, yachting trip, ranch life, riding horses, camping, party glitz and glamour, jungle adventure, using a ferry, Venice, using a seaplane, remote island, train travel, San Francisco, bus travel, cycling holiday, the strength of friendship, funky clothes, bright colours

Content: lots of smiles

Summary from Usborne
Dress the dolls as they travel all over the world. Choose their outfits and accessories for diving in tropical oceans, skiing down mountains, going on safari, sight-seeing in San Francisco and lots more.

Includes over sixty dollies to dress using over 700 colourful stickers, including travel extras such as special equipment, scenery and even animals.

Little girls will have hours of fun with this brilliant holiday collection of two popular titles from the Sticker Dolly Dressing series - Sticker Dolly Dressing Holiday and Sticker Dolly Dressing Travel.

Nayuleska's thoughts 
I absolutely loved this 2 in 1 book because both books used the same girls throughout! As ever a few off the stickers are tricky to get off. I couldn't ignore it this time in the grading because on one of the pages I'm pretty sure there were 3 pairs of shoes for Caucasian girls, when there should have been one for the African American girl. Minor fail there. The joy of picking clothes to suit the girls and learning their individual style kept me busy for well over an hour, doing a page or two at a time.

Suggested read
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