Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Nayu's News #84 A Catch-up

Such a cute bunny chibi!
Hi all! It seems like ages since I did my last Nayu's News. Life has been it's usual busy self. I'd planned to write this post Sunday but then ended up with my usual 24 hour sickness thingy.

You'd be amazed at how good a folded up flannel soaked in cold water feels against a headache
I spent the afternoon in bed trying to read,  - reading a story with highly detailed diagrams on parts of the human body wasn't exactly what I needed but somehow I couldn't stop read Penelope Crumb Follows Her Nose by Shawn K. Stout. 
Review coming soon!
I didn't finish it as I felt worse rather than better and ended up going to sleep.
My cat didn't keep me company this time, and I don't have cat ears.
Monday I headed to work, feeling better but just tired. As usual work has been busy - I keep wanting time to stop for an hour or two just so I can catch up with everything. That  has yet to happen. 
"Come on time, please pause, just for me?"
So that brings us to today. Due to illness/fatigue I've read a little, and watched a little. Tomorrow I hope to be doing a 1 of 4 parts blog post about Ramadan - because it starts tonight! 
"Yay! Ramadan is here!"
Until Ramadan is over my usual Nayu's News will be pretty much just once a week, explaining a bit about Ramadan, and what I do during it as I can't fast. It isn't all about the food! As I'm watching specific anime which have valuable messages (in a fun way), I'll probably include pictures of them ^o^ So there will be some cute pictures, just not as many as usual! 
And they will be light & cute rather than dark & cute like this gothic chibi character I like
Time for me to go rest up - I'd hoped to edit and read this afternoon but now I'm settled down I'm feeling rather worn out, which is a sure sign I need to relax. Have a great evening, whether you are enjoying the sunny, hot English summer or another variant of the weather.

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