Monday, 10 June 2013

What are YOU reading? #170

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


The Chocolate Box Girls: Coco Caramel by Cathy Cassidy
Children's, 9 years +
(This book is so awesome the rest of the series is going to the top of my wishlist!)

Forget You by Jennifer Echols
New Adult
(One of my first New Adult reads and I loved the non-romance parts...)

Angel Academy: Wings and Wishes by Janey Louise Jones
Children's, 7 years +
(Being an angel is hard work - more so if you don't come from an angel family!)

That's Not My Meerkat by Fiona Watt & Rachel Wells
Children's, Touch and Feel book
(Several different textures for young hands to explore...)

Clever Rabbit and the Wolves by Susanna Davidson and Emilie Vanvolsem
Children's, 5 years +
(It has short puzzles at the back to test the reader on the story!)

Don't Look Back by S. B. Hayes
Young Adult
(The end wasn't a total shock, but I'm still baffled by it...)

Princess Ponies 3: The Special Secret by Chloe Ryder
Children's, 7 years +
(I'm completely hooked on this fun pony series!)

Dominic Grows Sweetcorn by Mandy Ross & Alison Bartlett
Children's, Picture Book
(Transition issues aside, this is an interesting account of life in Jamaica...)

The Book of Dreams by Shirin Ad
Children's, Picture book
(A sweet book that explores the universe of dreams...)


REWATCH! - Anime, Japanese version
(I'm well on the way to watching all 26 episodes in under 3 weeks at a's just such a cool show! Lots of layers to it...) 

Anime, Japanese version
(I had a peek at how many episodes there are - over 50! - in this show about a Japanese memory game...) 

Yumeiro Patissiere
REWATCH! - Anime, Japanese version
(I've nearly finished the episodes which I've seen a long time ago - soon it will be the new ones! It's so funny and cute and always makes me smile...) 

Aria the Animation
REWATCH! - Anime, Japanese version
(This was one of the first anime that I ever had. To be able to watch without subtitles and understand most of it is a real milestone for me. Plus it's about apprentices striving to be the best gondoler drivers - I love anime about girls in training [like Yumeiro Patissiere]!)

Chocolat & Vanilla aka Sugar Sugar Rune
Anime, French version
(Chocolat makes the cutest cat - which nearly ends up permanent >o<) 

Drama, English
(This week's episode was extremely funny in places, and serious in others. A good combination of story lines...) 

H20 Just Add Water: Season 1
 REWATCH! - Drama, English version
(It's strange being at the start of the show where Cleo is super shy and cautious, compared to her confident self in season 3...) 

Alias: Season 2
Drama, English version
(I haven't been able to watch this for an awful long time - so far one episode went well [although I could have done without it being a lift problem killing the bad guys....*gulp*]...) 

Nothing new to show you yet, maybe next week :) 

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