Monday, 10 June 2013

Black Sheep By Na'ima B. Robert (Young Adult, 9/10)

January 2013, Frances Lincoln
272 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Content:  Violence but tempered to the target age

Summary from Frances Lincoln

Dwayne, 16, meets high-flying, uni-bound Misha, and sparks fly.

To Misha it feels like true love, but her mum is adamant that Dwayne is bad news and forbids her to see him. When Misha decides to follow her heart, the web of secrets and lies begins to tighten….

For Dwayne is not quite who he says he is. And as he struggles to turn his life around while hiding his darker side from Misha, his ties with Trigger, Jukkie and the rest of his boys draw him deeper and deeper into gang violence, more serious and bloody than any he has ever seen. One night, Dwayne’s two lives collide, with devastating consequences.

The Mole's Review
Bad boy meets good girl and family won't approve and then don't approve. Yes, it's predictable! But wait... it's not at all. The ending was something I didn't expect even when a few pages from it. But it reflects life. Dwayne decides to become Muslim and this may put some readers off but please don't let it - it's a device, a good device well used to enable us to understand Dwayne better. The story is a very good story and it's well told and I can feel for Dwayne particularly as he worries might happen to his family. I would also be remiss if I overlooked the head teacher - pure gold and I remember a teacher or two like her.

 Really enjoyed this book and it's sticking with me - always a good sign.

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