Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nayu's News #71 Ketamine time!


This is a brief post as I've got the anime AKB0048 waiting for me to watch it a 3rd or 4th time ^o^ 
AKB0048 features the sweet natured Yukirin!
 I'm going to be on hiatus this weekend because...
"Wait for it..."

It's ketamine time! 

9 weeks have passed since the last one. I'll be taking it by 8am tomorrow, as soon as I wake up. The fun part is not having to go to hospital for it. 
Doing it at home means 0 travelling, which takes up a lot of energy in itself.
 The not so fun part are the side effects of feeling very rough for over 48 hours. 
"This will be over soon."
 Feeling rough for a while is totally worth the partial pain relief I get from it. I still smile whenever I think back of when I was told that I'd be taking it at home - some feelings never change! 
"Best news EVER!"
I've promised a friend that I will not blog until at least Monday. Trust me when I say I fear the consequences of breaking that promise! Like Alice in the anime Aria, my friend has a formidable side to her.
Alice all prepared to whack a character with her oar because she thinks he is harrassing her new friend Akari
Another friend is hopefully going to tweet links to my posts for me, so all I have to do is retweet her tweets, rather than copying the post link to bitly, loading the link to Twitter etc. I know it's not a lot of effort, but I won't be up for even that little amount of work. 
Chieri from the anime AKB0048 is very sleepy in the morning - I'll be sleepy all weekend.
Pre-scheduling posts is awesome! Be sure to check them out as there is a competition winner announced on Friday, a new competition announced on Saturday, and lots of cute cat pictures on Sunday! 
I love the girl's hair and outfit! (random pic alert)
See you on the other side!  

When I'm recovering I'm definitely watching more of the anime Spice and Wolf, with Holo the wolf goddess who I've used a lot on Twitter and here on NRC
As always pictures are taken from online, quotes are by Nayu.


ketamine said...

I enjoyed that read, thank you!

Nayuleska said...

You're welcome.