Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wildlife by Paul Thurlby (Picture book Non-Fiction, 9/10)

March 2013, Templar 
32 pages, Hardback
Review copy 

Themes: animals, interesting & not run of the mill animal facts, stunning artwork that will appeal to all readers, potential for further research after reading the book by the reader, facts that'll make you smile

Summary from Templar
See wildlife as you've never seen it before!

Did you know that crocodiles cry while they eat? Or that polar bears turn green if they stay hot for too long? See the wild side of animals with Paul Thurlby's achingly stylish menagerie.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I liked how just one unusual fact per animal was put on the page - makes it more memorable for younger readers and they'll hopefully want to do further research on the animals looked at, or even try their own hand at colouring an animal in striking shades.  

You can find out more on Paul's website

Suggested read
If it's info on animals that you find appealing, check out  I Am Cat by Jackie Morris

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