Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nayu's News #61 How I decide what anime to watch

Flowers are starting to appear where I live & at work
Today is the final day of my spring holiday. I'm not sad, because I feel totally refreshed and ready for work tomorrow. I might not be saying that when I see the pile of emails in my inbox!

Because I've been busy seeing friends & family, I haven't done very much writing at all. I've been experiencing life, which will in turn end up in my wips, so Muse isn't all that bothered. 
"What?" (pic taken from the awesome anime AKB0048)

...Holo from Spice and Wolf when she gets in a huff?
Don't look at me like that - I mean it! She is a happy bunny
Me (girl) with Muse (bunny) or Muse (girl) with a bunny - you choose!
- because she's been watching heaps of anime, as per required of my new relaxation schedule. I have a tendency to watch the online anime - this isn't a bad thing - but I have a lot of anime on DVD that I'd like to watch, so how I feel dictates what I'll watch. I've talked about my 'go to' movie previously here.

"Mustn't sleep just yet, better go watch anime..."
When my mind needs challenging, and when I need to stay awake (ie concentrate a lot) I watch Japanese version anime. (I use the term anime for all cartoons), like Shugo Chara.
This is sweet, Japanese loving Nadeshiko who goes mega crazy when she changes her character with her chara Temari

No more reading - time for anime without text
When my mind needs a rest from reading subtitles, I switch to French version anime which has no subs (and is in French), like Cardcaptor Sakura which is the DVD series I'm going through at the moment. 
Sakura in her numerous costumes which her best friend makes.

"Need something easy to watch"
When I'm completly zonked out or am ill I opt for English shows - either human drama like H20 Just Add Water
or animated fun like Angel's Friends 
An awesome show like Winx but with shorter episodes
I'd love to hear if you have a similar system for watching things - or even reading books! 
Have a fab evening!
Note: all of the pictures used are taken from the internet, none drawn by me - the captions on them are by me though ^o^

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