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Magic Trix: The Witching Hour & Magic Trix: Flying High by Sara Grant (Children's, 7 years +, both 9/10)

March 2013, Orion Children's 
144 pages (both), Paperback
Review copy 

Themes (for both)
living in a magical world, having magical powers, not being good at magical powers, magic not solving everything, having to keep something amazing from her best friend, the joys and trials of having a magical familiar (in this case a kitten), feeling down, fending off mean girl attacks, mean girls being - well - mean, mean girls getting what they deserve (sort of), using magic in the right way, non-magical issues, making new friends

Lots of smiles, tears and laughter

Summary from Orion 
Magical mayhem as little witch, Trix, begins her journey towards becoming a real 'fairy' godmother!

 Trix wasn't expecting to develop magical powers when she turned ten, but it was definitely her best, if most surprising, birthday present! Now she's taking witching lessons and has an invisible kitten of her very own - but how can she keep it all a secret from her best friend, Holly?

More mystical mishaps as Trix continues with her witching lessons in the second book of this charming series.

 Trix can't wait to learn how to fly - maybe this will turn her into a real witch! But it isn't as easy as it looks. As she and her magic kitten, Jinx, grapple with broomsticks and try to help their friend while outwitting mean girl, Stella, Trix finds her whole world turned upside down - literally!

 Nayuleska's thoughts
This is a sweet magical series, although I see a witch as being totally different from a fairy godmother so that was a puzzling side of the story for me.

You can find out more on the Magic Trix website

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