Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pea's Book of Big Dreams by Susie Day (Children's, 9 years +, 10/10)

Note: There is a slight change in style of review, as explained in this post. I'm putting more info in the themes section, putting content (humour, mature etc) separately and sticking with 1 line for my thoughts as to what made the book sparkle. 
January 2013, Red Fox 
320 pages, Ebook
Personal Copy 

Themes: sibling rivalry, living with a teen sister, being disheartened, all or nothing view point, experimenting, trying out new aupairs, missing the past, an insanely mischievous younger sister, trials of living with a writer, being away from friends/family, putting pressure on yourself, moments when life sucks, the powerful force of a mother on the rampage, the randomness of writers

Content: laughter on virtually every page, tissues most definitely needed

 After securing herself a best friend and settling into London life, Pea is now contemplating her future and what exactly she should be when she grows up. Should she be a writer (like Mum)? An artist (like their crazy new au pair Klaudia)? A footballer? A pet therapist? Join Pea as she attempts to find out the answers - with hilarious results!

Nayuleska's thoughts 
Pea's sisters are a scream - I love the 10 minute rule for Clover, and can't believe how devious Tink is. 

You can find out more on Susie's website

Suggested read 

Definitely read Pea's Book of Best Friends also by Susie. 

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