Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nayu's News #59 A permanent schedule change

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a good weekend (or at least with some good parts to outbalance the not so good parts). I've spent most of it watching Bones

and The Unit

and various anime including my beloved Shugo Chara

Thanks to watching the anime Heidi I checked out the ebook versions, and managed to get for free! 
 Got a few others for free too (Little Women) not sure when I'll read them, but at least I have them now. 

What's next....?
Now, down to business. I promise that the new and permanent schedule change is nothing bad. It's something that's been coming a while really, and in truth isn't much of a change from what's been happening already. 
"What's going on?" (Quote by Nayu, pic of an AKB0048 anime member)
Before you all look at me like I'm weird (even though I am...) here's the deal. With pain relief now in better control, I'm having time & energy to check out other areas of life. It turns out that although I thought I was resting more, I wasn't. 
"That's not a good thing..."

So with help from a friend (who is wonderful), I've worked out how to get more rest in. Reviews will be a little shorter. They were supposed to be shorter and quicker a year ago or so, but somehow they ended up taking longer. Books which aren't received for review purposes (ones I buy/possess) may only get mentioned in my What Are You Reading? meme on Mondays. This takes extra pressure off me a little (made up pressure by me to me and from me) which is good as I manage to create work for myself from next to nothing. Maybe that isn't a skill I should be so proud about...
"What do you think?"
So on good days there are more likely to be book reviews, and on not so great days there will be more anime reviews. It's pretty much what has been happening this year - when I'm up for it I've written book reviews, when I haven't been up for it I've put up an anime review. Reading uses energy, as much as I'd like to pretend that it doesn't, so sometimes it will be a little less reading and a little more anime watching. And chocolate tasting. And sewing. And crochet. And jigsaws - pretty much all the things other than reading and writing, which I do to relax, depending on my energy levels. 
Amu from the anime Shugo Chara (with her chara Ran)
More rest is better in the long run. It'll take a bit of time to get used to, and I suspect my grumbles to myself may be on a par with Muse in a huff, but I've got to do this. I don't post when I'm in a's really not a good idea! 
Muse/me/Holo from the anime Spice & Wolf in a mood

If I can't get a review of anything up, I'll just put a pretty picture (I have a lot) and a caption for fun ^o^ 
Super cute & pink random pic!
 Because that's what NRC is about at the end of the day, the fun side of life! Hope you all have a good start to the week, because I am - the first volume of Winx season 5 has BEEN DISPATCHED!!! 
This is a time when a picture is 1000 words. Or just one - WINX!!!!!!

I'm starting the week super happy - just like Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf can be (she loves food)

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