Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nayu's News #58 A good weekend

(We had a bit of sleet this morning, which turned into snow, then back to sleet and then on to rain. It didn't settle, but I like this picture as it has felt pretty cold today - although I'm always but if it's cold enough to snow, it's cold by most people's standards. Note: all pictures are taken from the internet. None are by me)

Hi everyone! How's your weekend been? Mine has been really good. Half planned, half unplanned. The planned part was yesterday. I got a few hours of editing in. Yay! 
This time I experimented. Instead of reading a few chapters between each 15mins of editing, I watched anime. My theory being since I'm a visual person, perhaps reading isn't as relaxing while I'm editing. I was right. I'm more relaxed by anime between edits than I am by reading. Who knew? 
I had a good editing session. I approached a part of the book which needs a semi-big rewrite. I didn't know how to do it. I was a little panicked by that, but it turns out there was no need to worry. Muse knew what to do! 
I've got to give her credit here, or she will go on strike the next time we're due to work together. She is a tempermental type, like all creative people. If I push her too far, she will clam up and refuse to give me a hint of what I'm meant to write. 
(Wolf goddess Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf) 
If I don't push her far enough she bombards me with countless ideas, most of which do not apply to the current novel in hand. 
"Don't tell me that now - I need ideas for this!"

After editing, I got in some all important reading. I will be reviewing the book, but it deserves a mention since it's about an author, from the view of her 3 children - Pea's Book of Big Dreams by the lovely Susie Day. 
 Pea is the main character - her sisters Tinkerbell and Clover all have very distinctive, memorable natures. I'm really eager for book 3.

All the girls in the anime
Post lunch sleepies were coming on, so I watched some AKB0048 (It's my current 'must watch' anime), and generally chilled out for the rest of the day. 

 Today, I'd hoped to do the same as yesterday. But I couldn't. I woke up, and all my energy had been stolen away in the night. 
I'm convinced this might look like the person Muse hired to steal my energy.
I suspect it may have been Muse. Now, I know it sounds counter-productive that Muse would employ someone to take my energy away, but no energy means no writing, normally no slash not a lot of reading. That leaves only anime & other dvds for me to watch. These are what Muse lives for. She loves gorging herself with anime ranging from the cuteness of My Little Pony

to the violent Gunslinger Girl,
This is Claes, the book worm, who doesn't go on missions heaps (I think...been a while since I watched it)
to the action packed, inspiring & uplifting Shugo Chara,
The protagonist Amu with her charas Ran (red) Miki (blue) Sue (Green)

my favourite Winx Club
Season 5 outfits
 and back to violence of The Unit.
The Unit in their civilian clothes
What can I say, I have diverse tastes!

So that's what I've been doing today. Muse is clearly letting the energy creep back in now her anime & drama appetite has been sated. As per usual Monday is her rest day, so depending how I feel I hope I get to read as I'm reading my very first cyborg book, Cinder by Melissa Marr.
 The fact it's about Cinderella (of sorts) makes it all the more intriguing, as I love my fairy tales in many forms, including Lilpri. Hm, might need to watch that tonight...
From the left Natsuki (Princess Kagiya (Japanese fairy tale), Ringo (Snow White) & Leila (Cinderella - not a cyborg!)
Life is a mixture of planned and unplanned events. Often the unplanned ones turn out to be the most fun, even if at first they don't seem like it. No amount of pleading would convince Muse to give me back my energy, so I accepted it and settled down for some fun. The ketamine is doing it's job, which makes me happy. Wednesday was a wash out because I had a headache for most of the day. 

I was annoyed because Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final film in the Twilight saga arrived Wednesday morning, and I couldn't watch it! I tend not to nap if I can help it because it usually disturbs my sleep - I'm not the world's best sleeper. However, after closing my eyes for a rest (honestly, I was not going to nap), 50 minutes later I'm awake without a headache, although suffering the post-headache feeling bleh. That meant I was able to watch it and it is PERFECT! 
Bella, Renesmee, Edward, Jake = family
I was worried because a friend had said it was a little different to the book. The whole reason I love Twilight series so much is that the films keep very true to the books. I shouldn't have worried. It was mega awesome. Another friend had let slip something - I'm not revealing spoilers - so when things started to go wrong for Bella & Co, I kept telling myself all was not as it seemed. I was right, and the ending was very happy. I'm planning on watching all the films in a row during my spring vacation in a week and a bit. It has to be done at least once! 

I wish I was eating this!!
Nearly time for me to go nom some food. I hope you all have an exciting week, and the next Nayu's News will come whenever Muse lets me have a break.
Have fun! ^o^

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