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Nayu's News #57 Anime Awesomeness! Slash review of AKB0048 anime

I think this is from the anime Sacred Blacksmith which I haven't seen.
Today it feels right that instead of a review I post about anime. Unless you are a new follower (in which case hi!), it's a given that I love my anime. Take a peek at other Nayu's News posts to see how many anime pics I love using (none are drawn by me). I've conveniently added a Nayu's News tab to the menu at the top of the blog, so you can see them all together! A random cool fact is that one of my Nayu's News posts involving anime has 10999 views! ^o^

Some anime I watch I know I won't watch again. They are good, but not ones I absolutely love. Examples include Shakugan No Shana
Lots of evil demons to fight!
Note: all links take you to a site with a synopsis of the anime

These girls have paper magic!

This is an extremely random & bizarre anime (fun too)
I have watched these a few times over the years I had them, but where I am right now in my life they aren't for me, so I no longer watch them. I have passed them on to people who will enjoy them. 

There are the anime which I know I'll watch a lot, like Negima! 
This is the entire cast - after watching the series a few times you get to know & recognise all of them!

These friends have lots of fun - and lots of different costumes too!

and, getting a French one in, Loulou de Montmartre.
Loulou has a tough life as she learns to dance and find out who her real family is
 I won't necessarily watch these every day, but they do get cycled in my 'watch' list over time, depending on  how the mood takes me. 
Do I want something that's really funny? Or really upbeat? Decisions....

Then there are the Mega Awesome Animes. These are the ones that rank as high as my all time favourites which are...

The girls in their season 5 Harmonix transformation outfits
 This cool fairy anime honestly kept me sane in the years while I was trying to get pain relief that worked. It's funny, clever, has lots of magic, is about friendship and fun. The transformation are amazing! I remember when I first got it, and I watched the 1st season over and over until I got the other 3 seasons. It's all I watched, and is my favourite anime. I'm delighted I can see season 5 as it is airing, and the dvd isn't too far behind (the English version. No idea when I'll see the French one, which is the one I have on dvd)

Then along came Shugo Chara! (all 3 seasons) which soon came on a par with Winx.
The main character, Amu, in her Amulet Spade transformation (with her artistic chara Miki)
The transformations are spectular and frequent, there are many plots to ponder on, the costumes are cute and the charas are funny. At the moment I'm hugely into Hoshina Utau's charas, Iru and Eru (yes they are meant to be angelic & demonic). 
Iru loves winding Eru up, Eru loves anything romantic and can be rather forceful in her demands.
There are some sad moments, just like Winx Club, but it's an anime I try to watch every day (I watch either Winx or Shugo Chara, although sometimes I'll watch both in the same day). 

After Shugo Chara along came a magical girl anime about girls who became magical singers to help save fairyland - the girls are based on fairy tale princesses. Which anime is this? I mention it quite a bit on my blog, it's.....

Lilpri is more light hearted than Shugo Chara, super cute and every episode ends well. I watched that every day until I finished it, and even  now it's added into the Winx Club/Shugo Chara mix. 

Just as I think I've seen all the mega awesome animes which would probably rate a triple E rating on my blog, (instead of 10/10 E -> 10/10 EEE), I find another. 
Awesome anime!

AKB0048 is actually based loosely on a real group in Japan (several groups) who are very much focused on their fans. Confession, because of the way the anime is listed on Crunchyroll I ended up seeing the second season (which is really just the 2nd half of a 24-26 season) first. That would be why I was so confused about what was going on, why some things weren't explained that well because the viewer usually will have watched the first season. I watched 9 episodes, then started season 1. Season 1 had all the explanations I wanted, so I'm happy. I'm now rewatching Season 2 because there are a few new episodes coming (it's a simulcast anime). 
All members of AKB0048
You can find more info on AKB0048 here. I love it because it's a little like Lilpri. The girls want to sing to bring fun and happiness to people. They only fight because they have to. They try not to hurt people. They work so hard at being as good as they can be. They help each other through the tough times (even when certain people are stubborn, like Chieri). They struggle on rest days because they are so used to working that's what they want to do - they get told off about this. That's kind of like me - having a day free of reading/blogging/writing can be a tricky thing for me to do. 

The AKB0048 trainees relaxing
The songs are catchy, and quite a few are inspirational. It's possible they may be intended for romance (I'm not sure) but to me they come across as uplifting. There is some mature content in the series to make it a teen + rating, but nothing completely indecent and it can easily be skipped. 

The kiraras are pretty special, this picture sums it up 

They detect when the girls are shining within themselves, brimming with confidence and love of making people happy, sort of like Nagisa in this picture, 
Note the kirara!
or a group of the trainees in concert here
The girls are singing their hearts out
although definitely in this one taken during a concert. 

Concerts aren't just about singing on stage - the girls get to fly around as they sing on funky moving squares. 
A floating square

The girls are prepared to defend themselves - thus making being a member a tough but rewarding career, bringing smiles to their fans despite many governments opposing entertainment. 

*happy sigh* 

So I now have 4 anime series which I can watch again & again as they are upbeat. I'm not including the anime Aria, which is inspirational, because it is a much quieter anime. 
Life as a traineer gondolier (known as Undine in Aria)
It's funny and relaxing, as the girls continue to train to be gondoliers on a manmade planet in the future. Becoming an undine is constant hard work, just like the girls in AKB0048 (although no fighting on the planet Aqua). There's a lot of self-exploration, heaps of humour and tears from all 3 trainees. 

When I need a mental boost, be it after a long day or just when I'm feeling a bit blue 
I head to one of my Mega Awesome Animes which make me feel top of the world!

So, what show do you watch when you need a boost? Which shows can you just watch again & again? It doesn't have to be anime!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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