Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nayu's News #55 A Book Blogger's Life

"Become a book blogger? Can I do that?" 

(note: all photos taken from the internet. all quotes are by Nayu)

Once upon a time, in a not so far away world, there was a girl who idolised book bloggers. She dreamt of being surrounding by stacks of books, happy with so many words around her. 
"Now that's living the dream."

Thanks to encouragement of blog buddies, this girl set up her own book blog.
"Book summary from publisher - done. Next up, my own thoughts..."

This girl was so happy, surrounded by words. Every time the postman arrived with a new package, she went SQUEE! 

She loved getting lost in a book.
 "Just one more page..."

Wait! Not all of her life was book filled delights.
 "Hold up!" 

Over time the girl stumbled across a few obstacles. Sometimes she was too ill to read. 
 "I want to read!"

Or life got too busy with commitments.
  "Argh! How can I fit it all in? I need to buy bread, chocolate and yogurt, take the cat to the vet, haul myself to the dentist, fit in an extra hour at work to finish a project..."
She read and reviewed all that she read, including...

...the not so good
"Do I have to finsh this?"

 ... books that made her jump around with excitement...

...and books which she simply had to talk about.
"I've got to tell the entire WORLD about this book!"

 Occasionally she forgot about the books she promised to read. Something would make her double check which reviews were due up next...
"Hmm, when is that book due?"

...and the revelation that she had only a few days/hours to get through a book while on a busy schedule was a bit scary. So scary she wanted to hide from the world. 
"It's safer here..."

When she was scared of a deadline, she'd think strange thoughts.
"If I put the book under this pillow when I sleep, will I absorb the story?" 

But logic would win out, and she'd get on and do what a book blogger's got to do. 
 "I can do this! Just keep reading..."

Through the highs of having her quotes on press release sheets & websites, 
"I'm famous!" 

...forging new friendships and connecting with people through books...
 "Did you read that book before music practice? Isn't it awesome?" 

....through to the panicked lows of forgetting to read a book...
"I'm going to be sacked! I'm a terrible reviewer! I'll never get sent a book again!"

this girl was content. She was getting to do the thing she loved best - sharing books with the world. 
"And on to the next story..."

Hi, Nayu here! I wrote this post because I felt it's important to highlight what being a book reviewer blogger is like. I'm fortunate enough to receive most of my books from publishers, but even if I got none I'd still review books - it's so much fun! Whoever you are - a reader, a publicist, a writer, a publisher, a book review blogger - I hope your life is filled with books! 

"And whatever else you love - like cats!"

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