Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nayu's News #54 Relaxing right now

So my long lasting cold thing turned into a viral infection thing. I'm officially off work for the week to rest up. I've been doing just that. 

Lots of reading, mostly because I'm not up for lots of noisy, unpredictable anime. That is truly what I think when I'm ill - most of my anime is too stimulating for me.

Some TV watching, when I'm too tired to read. Tonight I'm going to be watching the French edition of the anime Heidi (the one based on the book with the girl in the mountains with her grandfather, goats, goat herd boy etc) 

Because I'm officially resting - and in all honesty only just starting to feel normal) there is no blogging until the weekend. I half thought I would be reviewing today or tomorow, but I've been feeling rather miserable and simply haven't had the energy to do it. I'm not even back doing dishes yet - hopefully tomorrow, as I'm feeling a bit better this afternoon.

See you soon!

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