Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Simon's Cat: Kitten Chaos by Simon Tofield (Humour, 10/10)

December 2011, Canongate Books 
240 pages, Hardback, 
Personal copy 

Content: dark humour 

Summary from the Simon's Cat website

Simon's Cat returns! But this time, he's got company.

Packed full from cover to cover, this new book is bursting with detailed new drawings and great new characters!

What will he see and who exactly will he meet?

Nayuleska's thoughts 
Simon's cat is a hilarious cat who gets into lots of mischief. In this book, the cat's life is upturned by a new kitten. When I first saw the title I misread it and thought it said 'kitchen'. There are some scenes in the kitchen, but a lot are outside it. Every page made me laugh. Some of the jokes are a bit grim, which make them even funnier (yes my sense of humour can be dark which surprises some people). The jealousy between the two cats is accurately portrayed, and it's sweet how the kitten tries to copy the older cat in this 10/10 read. 

For more info check out the Simon's Cat website

Suggested read 

For more humourous cartoons with dark humour try Return of the Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley.

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