Saturday, 12 January 2013

Shugo Chara! vols 1-5 by Peach-Pit (Manga, Magical Girl, Young Adult, 10/10)

Peach-Pit, Roughly 170 pages each 
Personal Copy 

Content: occasional romance, fantasy fights

Summary from Anime News Network 

Every child has an egg in their heart, unseen at first, an egg with the would-be self of their dreams. Hinamori Amu, part of a group called the Guardians, protect those eggs from becoming x-eggs, eggs filled with resentment and resignation that gives children troubles. Amu's job is to capture and restore x-eggs to their orginal form. She does this with the help of her three Shugo Chara (guardian characters or her would be selves), Ran, Miki and Su. Thanks to them she can change her character and abilities, and so fight against the mysterious organization Easter which aim is to find a special egg called Embryo using the x-egg

Nayuleska's thoughts 

I'm amazed at how true to the manga the anime is - some scenarios are switched around eg the snow sculpture contest in the anime is a sand sculpture contest in the manga. So far there isn't any major change. I watched the anime before reading the manga. It's quite something to read the manga, having an idea of how the characters sound. I love all the life lessons that both Amu and the other guardians learn from each other, and from all the children whose x-eggs they save. The cute charas are hilarious! The manga may not be in colour, but I see the colour in my mind - it's a delight to read. I hope to slowly collect the rest in the series. I must note that while I read the first in English, I've read the French translation of the others. 

Suggested watch 

Usually for books I recommend other books to read. I strongly suggest you watch this awesome anime - currently it can be found on Crunchyroll (I don't benefit from mentioning them.) I'm with them, and I'm a paid member for the anime. However, you can watch a fair amount for free. Because I pay and access all anime, I'm not sure if Shugo Chara is a free anime, but it could be! I've got a review for Shugo Chara Doki! the second season here

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