Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nayu's News #50: My unique weather reporter

I'm not really one for paying attention to the weather, unless it involves snow. My views on rain are in another post entirely. The reason I mention the weather today is that my cat goes beserk in it.

Now, she's mental on a normal, calm weather day. Tearing round the house has earned her the nickname of The Tabby Tornado among my family. When she goes mental and races about trying to catch her tail which she finds it hard to believe is attached to her, she gets this look on her face. 
"I caught it!"

You can see the boundless energy charge zipping around her brain, making her dart about everywhere. 

During the snow over the past week and a bit she was mental. 
"Oooo, white stuff! Falling white stuff."

Now today with a bit of wind after heavy rain last night she is once again mental!
"But you love me for being so cute!" 

My cat is certainly not normal and I adore every single part of her mentalness. Maybe that explains why she sleeps so much...

 "This is the life"

This week some of my family are on holiday, so I'm holding down the fort (with my cat).

This means that I have extra tasks to do, which may seem very small and easy but for me with limited energy they are an extra effort. In turn that means I don't have energy for writing. 
This is frustrating but I'm trying to take advantage of the reading & anime watch and looking at it as food for my Muse. The time will pass and then I can get back to editing!

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