Friday, 4 January 2013

Nayu's News #47 Evil germ gremlins

In addition to recovering from my ketamine treatment, I'm now recovering from a very evil bug. Hence lack of posts recently. I promise I resting up - now on the sofa but have had a few days in bed. 
(random anime girl being ill on Japanese bed) 

When I am back up and running I will be providing shorter reviews than normal. As you can appreciate I read a lot, and if I did my 'normal' style reviews it would take me a long time to post everything. I'll cut out the 'themes' part of the review, noting only more mature content so readers are forewarned. I'll write 1-3 sentences tops, including why the book ended up with the grade that it did. (Forgive me on grammar, brain not working all that well). At the moment not sure when I'll be up for reviews so please bear with me. My medical condition means my body reacts strongly to any form of infection, making evil ones Extremely Evil. 

Thank you for your patience & understanding!

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