Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nayu's News #46: Dvd marathon

*sleepily waves* 

Very short note to say the ketamine treatment was the success I expected to be - and I know have nearly all the supplies to do at myself at home! I go back in 6 months for a review at the pain clinic - 6 months! Six months! It's so incredible, after having been going back every 2 or so months for treatment (or having a 3 month wait). 

I've gained pain relief freedom in a big way. I will blog in more detail when I'm up for it, but for now it is very easy to take the ketamine under the tongue. I'm not feeling quite as lousy as I did the last time, but I have zero energy so am now resting. Okay so I did see family today, but it was the only day and I lasted well enough. Been watching the anime Georgie in French all afternoon. Totally addicted to it, I've got 1 episode and then the 3rd boxset to get through. It'll get a review in good time too! Georgie's smile & laughter is infectious - she smiles most episodes, even when life is pretty grim something makes her smile.

I plan to take things easy for a couple of days still, hopefully getting some of this done
some of this 
and some of this! 

Plus blogging & writing when I'm up for it, but I'm being really strict as I don't want to incur the wrath of my friends if I overdo things. It's not worth it as I then feel lousy, so I want to be fully back to normal as I can be, then start reintroducing activities. It's nice to have less pain, and know that when the ketamine starts fading I can top it up! 

This pic doesn't match anything in this post, but I have to include it because it's cute! 

Take care! 

My Twitter avatar, Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf which I will finish watching in 2013! I've needed lighter watches at the moment.

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