Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Samantha the Swimming Fairy by Daisy Matthews (Children's, 5 years +, 9/10)

July 2012, Orchard Books
80 pages, Paperback
Personal copy

Themes: friendship, adventure, gremlins taking over a swimming pool, thinking up solutions, lots of adventure, occasional mild peril, some humour

Summary from Orchard

The Sporty Fairies are in need of Rachel and Kirsty's help. Everyone in Fairyland is preparing for the Fairy Olympics, but Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen the magic sporty items so they can win by cheating! What's more, with the items missing, everyone in the human world is playing sports really badly, and so the human Olympics is in danger of being ruined too! Samantha the Swimming Fairy is desperate to get her Magic Goggles backs from the goblins - can Rachel and Kirsty help?

Nayuleska's thoughts

This is a book I read for my own research (see here for details). Aside from the wings still being see through which makes the illustrations look a little odd with objects being in the wings, and the black snd white hair for Sam on the front cover, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love how the gremlins are good at swimming because of Sam's magic goggles - the synchronised swimming team made me laugh. Rachel and Kirsty come up with good ideas on how to get the goggles back.The friends have great courage and are perfect to help rescue the goggles for Sam in this 9/10 read.

You can find out more on the dedicated website.

Suggested read

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