Monday, 12 November 2012

Possessed by Kate Cann (Young Adult, 10/10)

This edition October 2012, Scholastic
332 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: old houses & estates, breaking free, finding happiness & peace, cult type group, not forgotten past rituals, deception, lies, misleading people, uncaring parent, possessive boyfriend, semi-moderate teen romance, a few scary parts

Summary from Scholastic

Rayne couldn’t wait to get away from everything, but the solitude of Morton’s Keep is eerie and more than a little creepy. When Rayne meets St John, she forgets her worries. But why is everyone warning her away from him and how can she find out the secrets everyone wants to keep hidden?

Nayuleska's thoughts

Ordinarily I wouldn't pick up a book with this title and cover. It has 'scary' written all over. However it came as a set and I was intrigued. I loved the first book I read in the suggested read, so figured I'd give this one a go. Im glad I did. It was more about Rayne finding who she really is and making her own mark on the world than the creepy goings on. It's possible I'm focusing on that to avoid being freaked out by it, but that's how I see it. Rayne was abused by her mother in so far as she was the parent of her little brother most of the time so her mother could have fun. 

She was emotionally abused by her so called boyfriend who was all about looking good and didn't care much for her. Rayne works hard. I was happy when her job went well. She is respectful, sweet, has great courage when times are tough, and has a future to look forward to in this 10/10 read. The creepy stuff wasn't too heavy and is easily explained away by human presence, which is probably why I'm not all that freaked out.

Suggested read

Definitely check out Kate's Leaving Poppy, which has a similar heroine who needs to break free but a higher scare factor. 

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