Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nayu's News #42 Living the dream (for 5 days)

"A low on pics post today" 


Super speedy post as I'm supposed to be resting now (as in shutting the laptop down, no blogging, no surfing etc). 

I'm doing well, the world is still turning. Writing wise I'm 2/3 through my current edit! 
Whoohoo! This is super exciting. I've got an extra long weekend coming up (Weds to Sun inclusive) due to a flu jab. I was spectacularly ill when I last had it. I'd never had it before, and because my health is already 'interesting' my body tends to do funny things when it shouldn't.
I doubt it will be the case this time, but I can't take the risk so I'm at home until Monday. I'm hoping to finish this round of edits! How cool will that be! It should only be a read through before handing over to betas - I'm not sure who's more excited out of all of us, them or me! 

Reading wise I'm making a dent in the books on my review shelf. 
 A big dent. Because I need happier (mostly) books, a lot which I pick up just aren't right for me at the moment. It's sad when it's from a series I've enjoyed up until now, but that's the way life goes. I'm not forcing myself to sit and read books I don't like because reading time is precious.

Other things = I'm eating chocolate cake in an hour! Yum yum! (Hopefully I won't get disgruntled emails saying I'm teasing people with yummy food). 

Right, see me rest! 

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