Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nayu's News 41: A dream come true.

 "Yay! Yay! I'm so happy! Yay! Yay!"
Unsure which anime this is from

Note: All quotes in this post are made up by me, Nayu

No, I'm not published (believe me, you'll know when that happens). I am supremely happy. Life has been busy, I've been fighting germ gremlins (thankfully resting as soon as I realised I was ill increased recovery), doing work etc etc. Ketamine is still working (yay! No news on when the next dose is as the January list isn't created yet. Hopefully I'll find out in two weeks). 

I've been doing lots of this, lots of writing & lots of anime watching!

My dream is anime. Before you look at me like that, know that lately I've wanted to see more Magical Girl genre anime (as they are usually cute, fluffy, with lots of humour that can reduce the seroiusness of some issues covered). I've been going through my dvds and putting a fair amount aside. 

One example of cute anime styles which I like

However! Yesterday I thought to try and look for an anime on an online site I use to watch Winx Season 5. It wasn't there. I then searched for it online as a video - and found a site with heaps of anime!  And they even group them in genres so there are oodles of anime series for me. Most are longer than the standard 26 (or even 13) episodes. Several are over 50! 

"Ahhhhh! Beautifuly shiny anime!!! Mine! Mine! MINE!!"
(This is not what Kirino from the Kendo based anime Bamboo Blade said when she was so happy she saw stars)

This is mega awesomeness. For me this is as if I've been let loose in a sweet shop (which would be very dangerous). I adore anime, I've found what I've wanted, and it's so hard to pick which to watch first! I'm going to watch Tokyo Mew Mew which is sweet and family friendly (I watched the first episode this morning). 

I'm also going to watch Princess Tutu.  
 A ballet based anime - you know I love ballet based ones since I've seen Loulou de Montmartre (French anime below)

 I'll stick with just two as I am watching 1 anime + Winx on another site, and Shugo Chara/ (directly above this paragraph) Lil Pri (below)  & a title I can't recall on yet another site. 

So I'm one happy Nayu! 

This afternoon I'm re-reading (The) Breakaway by Michelle Davidson Argyle.

 I put half the title in brackets because I knew it from quite early on when it didn't have 'the' (At least I don't think it did).It's an absolute favourite of mine.
I'm also reading a mega awesome sequel which I can't say which one it is because it's not out until next year (which shouldn't stop me but you won't get it out of me). I'm super excited about it! I adored the first one, and expect to like the sequel.

Hope you are all doing well and are able to get some reading in your day! 

(Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf. I haven't finished it yet - I need more fun based anime at the moment so it's on hold)

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