Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nayu's News #39: A Whirlwind Weekend

(Akari from the anime Aria The Animation)

It feels like I haven't done one of these for ages! Notice how I've decided to include a title so it's a little bit more interesting? I hope you are all well. Some of you may have seen me on Twitter quite a bit this week - I'm currently on 2 weeks holiday, which gives me more time to be online.

 So what have I been doing? 

 I've been busy at work.

 I've read lots of books for review. I'm at a bizarre stage where I sorted out my review shelf, realised that most of the books are YA which has produced a shortage of lighter, children's books. All is not lost as I do have a few coming. I had the best discovery when family sorted the loft today - I have most of the Sadler's Wells ballet books! I only thought I had the first 3, so to have 11 of them is good going. They look pretty rare, but it'll be a little while before I finish them as I have other books from my childhood that I'm planning to read. 

 I've been busy editing my fairy wip. I'm 1/3 through! Scriviner is amazing. I haven't got far in the tutorial, but I'm far enough I can do/access all I need to. It's so much easier than having to switch between Word documents all the time. I'm glad I had the trouble just so that I'd purchase Scriviner. I managed to do all bar 1 morning of editing this week, as I wasn't feeling well. 
It's been a mixture of the cold weather, which is affecting my circulation more this year, 
 (I feel like this most of the time, even indoors unless I have my heated blanket)
 combined with the ketamine wearing off completely from the dose on 27th July. 
However...I'm having my next ketamine dose tomorrow! *dances* 
 What makes you think I'm excited? 
It wore off totally from last week, so the higher dose has done well. I'm having it under my tongue this time round - kind of dreading how awful it tastes, but I've got to try and avoid swallowing it (I wonder if I can practice with water first?) I'm pretty sure it's in liquid form, which is easier to get the right dose each time. 

It's the usual 'don't eat from 6 hours before your ketamine dose'. Mine is at 9am. They say be there 15 mins earlier, which takes us to 8.45am. Usually I get shown in straight away, so want to be sure I've kept the eating rules. Which is why I'm going to bed in two and a bit hours. 8am bed - I can't even go to bed that early when I'm ill because of my meds (today I have managed to switch the times I take them so I can go to sleep early. I'll try and remember that when I'm ill although often it's usually only the afternoon I get worse so can't change med times as easily). I'll be up at 2am for an egg sandwich (yummy!). I'm not going back to sleep after as I have to leave the house at 6.15am, and once I wake up (& move about) I'm awake for good. 

I'll be able to rest up when I get back - hopefully around lunch time, depending how long they keep me in after. I'm not sure how much difference there is since I'm not taking it via an infusion. I'll be on strict rest on Saturday - dvds only. No reading as that is work for me (fun work, but still work). Sunday I have family coming over (planned before my appointments otherwise I'd have kept it free for more rest). 

Monday I'm having some tests that will last most of the day. One is a 24 hour monitor thingy that I have to take home, so my hospital weekend won't be over until about 6pm on Tuesday. Not looking forward to Monday as it'll be an early-ish start (after 7am train), and the 24 hour monitor thingy fitting is at 3pm. Tired might be an understatement. I've never had two indepth sort-of-invasive-&-sort-of-not-invasive treatments this close together (that I can remember). Hopefully the test results will be positive/negative/whichever the best one is.

So from Weds to Saturday I'm strictly resting up. 

 (Again taken from Aria the Animation)
Saturday I have breakfast with a friend! It'll possibly be the first time I'm out the house all week, so it'll be fun. Back to work on 29th. 

At the moment I don't know when I'll be back to reading/editing. I'm hoping before the weekend, although realistically I have a feeling I'll have to be good and not do it. But it's only for a week, which is livable. Muse will just have to wait! 

Eeep - 1 hour until I need to go to bed. Hope you all have a good week, I promise to let you know how tomorrow goes and Monday, even if it's one line and one picture (come on, you know how much I like my pictures!)

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