Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nayu's News #37

Whew, what a week it's been! Since I sacrificed blogging time in exchange for mending a hole in a new dress (story below), this is a concise NN post. Well, as concise as I can get!

Right, this week for Nayu 


 Struck down with weird virus, so was good and rested. Watched a lot of Netflix. Finished H2O Just Add water - and started back at episode one! 

I didn't want to rest all day and have a shock in life's pace when I went back to work on Thursday, so I did a little editing, got a few groceries, then rested up.


 Usual day of work followed with relaxing with Netflix/dvds in the evening.
(this is from the anime Bamboo Blade)


Pretty much the same format for each day. 

Editing & review scheduling for about 2 hours.

Followed by at least 6 hours of reading

Followed by watching anime, including Tari Tari, which is on Crunchyroll (I don't profit from mentioning them) 

It's about a group of school mates who get together to form a small choir slash badminton club (a club needs 5 people to be active) 

I'm watching some new anime at the weekend, when I'm vaguely more awake than a day at work. The week days are reserved for English shows/anime I've seen.

The sewing thing - I've had a dress for years with a hole in it - I bought it at a reduced rate. Bought a plug the other week for my sewing machine, and finally felt up to doing it today (incentive of new dress for work tomorrow). I was fine doing straight stitch. I tried to go over it with zigzag stitch...let's just say I think I had the thread in the wrong position. I nearly broke the machine 3 times so gave up after that. Hopefully the dress will hold together with just one lot of stitch. Might take a backup dress just in case. I'll definitely read the instructions/look online before I do any more! I don't want to break the machine when I've barely used it. 

I'm reading mostly at the weekend, as I don't have the energy after work at the moment. I may re-read books after work if I'm up for reading - that way I know I'll like them and they won't be too scary - I've had to put 2 books down this week as they were too much for me. They'll still get a partial review though. I have a feeling several more books will get put down - oh well! I can still say what I think of them so far.

Right, time for me to watch some anime! Hope you have a good week, and life is kind to you. Smile & have fun where you can! 

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