Monday, 27 August 2012

Nayu's News #34

"This is me, honest!" 

Hi everyone! This is a speedy NN as I'm tired. I wanted to say hi so you know my reviews are by me and not by a clone with my name (obviously). 

The ketamine infusion is still working (whoohoo!) So that's good. 

I'm reading lots on my days off, leaving the work days for more anime. 
 " am..." (that is what I'm no longer doing)

I'm currently watching... 

....Winx (Currently on season 1)....

...Shugo Chara (watching on Crunchyroll as one of my dvds is ruined)...
(Amu with Ran (pink) Miki (blue) Su (green) & the rarely appearing unhatched Dia (yellow egg)

...repeat those two a lot...
(Nothing says more than a hug from friends (Winx Believix transformation with Tecna (left to right) Flora, Musa and Stella)

(Shugo Chara, like Winx is also about friendship - here's a picture of the Guardians with their Charas in season 1)

...Chocolat & Vanilla (Sugar Sugar Rune in English, I have the French version...

Now, I have discovered a new tween show that I adore. It's even real people! (not anime. Surprised? I am. I'm really fussy with my human shows). The reason for looking is that at the moment I'm finding Charmed is now too dark for me (past season 3), ditto Star Gate. I need more happy go lucky ones/feel good factor (somehow The Unit fits the bill as I love watching that, even though it's emotionally tough going). 

I love my Netflix, and occasionally get surprised with new shows that it suggests based on my preferences. A while ago when I was searching for shows I came across H2O (as in water). It came up on Netflix, I dimly recalled seeing it so clicked on it and watched the first episode. 
(one version of the H2o symbol) 

I'm now hooked. It's sweet and cheery. The special effects look natural (come on, I think anime is 'natural'. I'm fussy with effects), the girls become mermaids after 10 seconds of water touching them. One can command moving water, one can freeze it, and yes I looked online and saw the 3rd can boil it. There are 3 seasons! It is on dvd, but for now I'm alright with Netflix (cheaper). I'm excited about having a fun human show to watch each day. I suspect I may get addicted to this. I love it! Sure it's a bit cheesy in places, but that's half the appeal. Would rather have more modest clothes, but when have  you seen a mermaid in a t-shirt? You don't. 

I'd love to hear if there are any cheery tween shows that you can recommend! I like them as they are low in romance, focusing on friendship and not too dark (some of them). It seems hard to find good ones.

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