Friday, 20 July 2012

The Enchantress by Michael Scott

24/5/2012, Kids At Random House
528 pages, Paperback
Review copy
YA Fantasy Contains a lot of messy violence but is not real enough to be shocking and plenty of mystery

 Summary from Kids At Random House

Omitted because if readers haven't read all the previous 5 books then it contains spoilers!

The Mole's Review

I have read and reviewed the previous 5 books from the series and given a brief summary in the review of The warlock. In that review I said that I expected great things from book 6 and I was not disappointed. The threads, too many to count, are slowly pulled together with that annoying habit authors have of switching threads when you don't want them to and not coming back to them soon enough. But we are returning to a thread we didn't want to leave earlier so it sort of balances out.

2 worlds and 10,000 years separates the characters in this the final book and some characters we know we have 2 of versions of, but the characters don't and some characters we have 2 of and some characters know this and we don't. It gets complicated but Scott manages to avoid the 'time paradoxes' that trap so many authors and the pace moves on relentlessly. To name the characters involved would be to give plot spoilers as to who has survived, who has been lost and who has been rescued and to say it all ends up happily would be wrong.

In the end justice seems to have been served even if you don't feel that the justice meted out is justice the way you see and wanted it. It's a fantastic read that fantasy lovers everywhere will thoroughly enjoy - but I stress again - please read all the books in order or you will have no idea what half the threads means and how they relate.

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