Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nayu's News #30


If only I could be like Piff, Layla's Pixie in Winx (& also in the separate spin off Pop Pixie). She is the fairy of Sweet Sleep - which might explain why she is almost always sleeping - even when flying! 

This is a good representation of me at the moment

Life's been a bit hectic, I've had a few nights of not sleeping well - when added to the fact I'm usually tired I simply haven't had enough energy to do a blog post like this. I'm desperate to continue my weekend posts, but for the moment you'll have to wait to see which anime characters I think would match up with book characters. happening! I'm getting to read more which is great. It's so addictive, and I've missed it. I still have to be careful how much I read as I can easily get carried away. When that happens reading turns into a negative activity because I then need extra rest. I also have to be careful what I read, because if I read too much doom & gloom I'm in serious need of fun things. Slowly I'm getting more reading time in, which is very welcome. definitely happening! This afternoon I was a bit cranky after watching a few episodes of Winx, which is odd as I adore Winx. I then realised I probably just wanted to edit, so I turned off the dvd player and got my laptop out. Muse had fun changing sentences which I'd marked out for change. I had a few positive realisations which have improved the characterisations. 

It's a fairy wip, and each fairy is named after a flower. I had it all sorted, and then realised that Tanya isn't a flower. Thanks to the wonderful power of the internet, I first thought of Tanakea, because I could get Tanya from that. It looks like this. 
However, it was a bit of a leap to get Tanya. I kept searching and found the perfect flower, Tansy 
This is highly appropriate because Tansy Sunray is a sun magic fairy, making the bright yellow, round flower a perfect match. I'm not matching up flower names to fairy personalities on purpose, but when it fits, I'll use it.

What else....not a lot really. I've had tomato soup for the first time in years & love it, thanks to the organic fruit & veg company I buy from. I hated it ever since I was little, but this one is refreshing. I had yummy coffee and walnut cake at craft club, like this 
You probably may hate me for posting that, but it was delicious (a late birthday celebration). 

Roxy from Winx Club
Now I'm settling back to an evening of Winx! I'm racing through season 4, not reviewing any episodes (which I know aren't up yet but they are ready for scheduling when I have time to do more than just book reviews: I'd like to point out the reason only book reviews are up is that if I exceed the 2 hour limit on blogging at the weekend, I stop what I'm doing & don't do any more). 

Random Ramadan picture 

Anyway, the reason I'm not reviewing season 4 now is I'm trying to watch it before Ramadan. During Ramadan, as part of a goal that is easy for me to attain without extra energy, I'll be watching and reviewing anime which focus on good character, right and wrong etc. Winx has a bit too much romance for the purposes of what I watch during Ramadan. I did it last year, and it was so much fun. Once Ramadan is over, I'll then rewatch season 4 and review it - promise! 

I hope you've had at least one thing make you smile today - be it tomato soup, a fun DVD that makes you laugh, hearing a joke from those you love or a book.
Alice from the anime Aria the Origination with President Maa (the kitten)

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