Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nayu's News #29

This is Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf - she's very funny, has a better business sense than me and is my Twitter Avatar 

The competition to win the first 3 books in Pete Johnson's Vampire series is now closed. I'll announce the winner 5.30pm tomorrow (Monday 2nd July), give or take a time delay depending on how obedient Blogger is. Apologies for not doing the announcement now, but I've run out of time to do it. It's fun finding out who's won, but that fun takes both time and energy, both of which I'm almost out of for the day. This is the new Nayu, listening to myself and stopping before I do too much (*pushes several jaws closed which I know will be open*) 

Random picture: "Take life a step at a time"

Please bear with me on reviews too - I was ill on Saturday, which put back my recovery from Thursday's escapade and has meant no blogging today. Since I can only blog on a rest day....well no reviews up yet. If I'm up early on Wednesday, I'll pop a few up. If not I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Saturday for reviews. I dislike having zero reviews up, but again this is part of the new Nayu, putting myself first. (It's so hard! All I want to do is blog & chat on Twitter, and chat some more....and some more...) 

Taking it easy

That's how it is, I figured it was easier to have a post explaining this than having no explanation and making you all look blankly at the screen thinking "Huh?" 

I appreciate you being so patient, and I promise the forthcoming reviews are books to get excited about! Hope you have a happy start to the week. Keep smiling! 

Utau from a favourite anime of mine, Shugo Chara - she's with her charas Iru (bat wing girl) and Eru (halo girl) Utau is initially an enemy to Amu and co, but all is not as she seems and she ends up on the side of good eventually.

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