Monday, 30 July 2012

Devilish by Maureen Johnson (Young Adult)

June 2012, Harper Collins Children's Books
272 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: private school run by nuns, girls determined to break the rule, incidents of vomiting, fresh blood, dissmemberment, deals with the devil, yummy cupcakes, unexpected prosperity, causing chaos, being set up, being in deep trouble, strange goings on that seem like hallucinations, a little teen romance, blood and gore, some scary moments, a tissue needed

Summary from Harper Collins
Ally and Jane may not be that popular but they’re good friends…that is until they each get allocated a freshman, a ‘little’ to show the ropes to at school.

Cracks begin to show as Ally changes into a whole different person, literally overnight. She’s dressed better, making new friends, and ditching Jane more and more.

But Ally’s transformation has its price. And it's up to Jane to save her former BF from a ponytail-wearing, cupcake-nibbling devil in disguise!

Nayuleska's thoughts
Now this is what I expect and love from school stories. There are lots of pranks which thanks to the dark forces a work get Jane into aa lot of trouble. Her -excuse the pun- devil may care attitude belies how much she cares for her friend. You have to care a lot to swap your soul for another's. I confess that I like the impish Lorlee, with her sugar addiction and quirky nature. I was momentarily sad by the ending because the alternative would have been heaps of fun (Yes I have a wicked side). However, the way it ends has me rather hopeful for the next book. Jane's life is never dull, her sister has a different type of intelligence which proves vital. Jane's point of view is hilarious, so many of her comments had me giggling away in this 10/10 read.

You can find out more on Maureen's website.

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